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Written By: Hans Christian Anderson
Directed By: Di Mason

An evil Imp (or Hobgoblin) has created a mirror which magnifies ugly and evil things and
shrinks good and pretty things. When the Evil Snow Queen smashes the mirror into a million
splinters, a piece enters Kay’s eye, distorting his view of the world and eventually lodging in
his heart, making him cold and cruel to all the other village children and especially to his best
friend, Gerda. Gerda and Kay have grown up together as neighbours and always loved playing
together and tending to their rose gardens together and Gerda cannot understand the change
in Kay’s behaviour.
When Kay takes his sled into town, the Snow Queen appears to him, tricking him to come to
her palace to live a wonderful life with her forever.
Gerda wonders what has become of her trusted friend, and fearing him dead, throws her
prized red shoes into the river as an offering.
As this is to no avail, she embarks upon a journey to find him, enduring many adventures,
meeting many amazing, wonderful, funny and sometimes magical folk who guide her through
her dreams as she travels; Gerda is guided by Mr. and Mrs. Crow, loved by a Prince and a
Princess, captured by gypsy robbers, meets a singing reindeer, and is warmed by a magical
Finn lady who guides Gerda toward her goal of finding her friend Kay.
The only way to free Kay from the power of the Snow Queen is to remove the shard of magic
mirror that has turned his heart to ice.
Gerda bravely continues on her journey to the Snow Queen’s Ice Palace and is captured by
the Evil Queen’s mischievous Imps. Through her innocence and purity of heart, Gerda
overpowers the Snow Queen, who disappears, leaving the cold and unresponsive Kay behind.
Gerda cries warm tears of joy, at finding her beloved friend; her tears drop onto the frozen
Kay and seep through to his heart, thawing it and in turn his tears of happiness wash away
the grain of glass from the magic mirror that was lodged in his eye, and he returns to his old
fun and loveable self.
Reunited, Gerda and Kay return home, growing up together, yet retaining their childlike
innocence, always believing that the power of love conquers all. The Snow Queen isn’t heard of

Approx. Running Time: 2 hrs
Suitable for ages: all ages

Performance Dates:
Friday 21st & 28th June at 7pm
Saturday 22nd & 28th June at 6pm
Sunday 23rd & Sunday 30th June at 2pm

Stirling Community Theatre
9 Avenue Road,
Stirling SA 5152

Please book through trybooking via this link

Adult $25
Child & Conc. $18
Family $80