Printable CopyTOMFOOLERY
Loaded Productions
La Bohème
Until 09 Mar 2008

Review by Fran Edwards

A production of ‘Tomfoolery’ will always draw Tom Lehrer fans out of the woodwork, and this one is noexception. The scary thing is that most of his songs still have a strange sort of relevance even thoughthey were written almost 50 years ago.

This really talented cast makes the most of many of the numbers with a few being standouts. CatherineCampbell does the best rendition yet of “The Irish Ballad” (with enthusiastic backing) and SeanWeatherly has done his homework on “The Elements”!

All the favourites are there from “Pigeons” to “Pollution”, from the “Vatican Rag“ (with Rap thrown in) to“We Will All Go Together”. A few of the updating comments don’t work (Tom said it better) but othershighlight the relevance to us and our world.

Overall this is a great night out with good singers singing great songs, which make you laugh and makeyou think.

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)