The GC
Until 06 Mar 2016

Review by Tony Busch

I first encountered David Calvitto when he appeared in “The Event” some Fringes ago. I was impressed. Now he’s back with a new one-man show this time by Will Eno. And not just any one-man show, it’s a Pulitzer Prize-nominated one-man show.

The sub-title of the piece, ‘Based on Nothing’, is a fair indication of its content which flits hither and yon as reminiscences tend to do. But there is substance aplenty within. I won’t even attempt to encapsulate the content – that would be a crime and would spoil some of the surprises contained in its wonderful, mercurial writing. Suffice to say that when, as an audience, we felt comfortable laughing, we did so easily and enjoyably. Just as we nodded knowingly, smirked conspiratorially and winced sheepishly.

This is a one-man show with a difference, delivered by an actor who is a consummate performer. Timing, delivery, nuance is all there in bucket-loads.

I’d highly recommend you put this on your must-do list. It’s definitely worth the effort.

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)