Printable CopySUMMER OF '69
Davine Productions
Star Theatres
Until 06 Feb 2021

Review by Doug Phillips

It’s depressing to think that this show’s season is now finished. It should have enjoyed a much longer run, and the people of Adelaide deserve a fun night out like this right now.

Before I gush about how great this show was, a little housekeeping…

Firstly, our hosts for the evening knew their lines, which is why it was so distracting and frustrating to watch their eyes constantly revert to the script. There were the obligatory audio mishaps, Covid jokes, and occasional bum note, but that’s about all I could find fault with.

Now to the gushing…

This show was FUN! We had such a good time. I forgot I was there to review, and instead found myself clapping and singing along with the rest of the audience. The selection of songs was well thought out and executed, and the band were tight, precise, and way cool.

But, the voices… Holy moly! What a great collection of voices David Gauci has assembled here. Their solos were lovely to listen to with no belting or straining, and the harmonies were perfect without anyone trying to outdo their fellow cast members.

It feels unfair to single out any particular member of the cast, as they were all so impressive, but it must be said that Josh Kerr’s and Trevor Anderson’s rendition of ‘Sounds of Silence’ was captivating and moving.

The set was simple but effective, as was the choreography.

The writing is nothing too technical, which is why it worked so well. I’ve mentioned how ‘fun’ this show was, and the writing is a strategic part of this feel.

I want to see this show again. If it comes back, I’m making a group booking. The cabaret layout, the talented cast, and the entertaining show, all combine to make this a great night out for a group of friends who just want a good time without too much mental effort.