Printable CopySIDEKICKS
Stag Hotel
Until 17 Mar 2013

Review by Kelly Mildenhall

This show dares to ask: what if sidekicks had their day in the sun, as opposed to remaining doormats to high maintenance besties? The result is glorious and this show, starring Dan Ilic and Emily Rose Brennan, is superb. This is another high quality show by the team who presented last year’s Fringe favourite “All my Friends are Leaving Adelaide”.

Just like film “The Player” did in the 90s, this show dares to unpack the construct of a genre, in this case the typical chick flick, in which the usually-far-more-entertaining sidekicks tend to do nothing but support and fawn over the lead characters. In the case of “Sidekicks”, however, Ilic and Brennan adopt the role of several key players, including the besties in question, and re-enact the moments which led to their chance meeting and the dramas and hilarity which follows. Their story, which would be totally overlooked in a typical romantic comedy, is actually unpacked, and it’s entertaining stuff. With asides and cross-gender portrayals, there’s a whole host of great moments which have been sharply drawn from typical romantic comedies.

The script is excellent: intelligent and cleverly written, with sharp one-liners and a great pace. The characters are believable and you invest in their journey, which as any chick-flick aficionado knows: you need that or you’re only hanging around for the comic relief, makeover scenes or shots of the inevitable city-setting. Speaking of which, hilarious one-liners abound and the audience interaction adds to the intimacy of the show, particularly in the prime location; The Stag is a great choice given that a third of the show occurs in a pub anyway. Ilic and Brennan are gifted performers, and they display a real intuition with each other, particularly during a creatively staged liaison.

Put the polished “Sidekicks” on your must-see list before it migrates to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival because Ilic and Brennan are likeable, hilarious, talented and just so darn watchable.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)