Tuxedo Cat
Until 03 Mar 2012

Review by Jamie Wright

Poet Telia Nevile – armed with the frustration borne of an unhelpfully bland and conflict-free suburban upbringing, a razor-sharp wit, a microphone and an mp3 player with a very esoteric playlist – has a lot to say.

Over the course of 40 of the cleverest, funniest minutes you’re likely to experience, Telia – broadcasting from her bedroom – instructs the (to her, unseen) audience on the correct usage of ‘its’ vs. ‘it’s’, backed by an instrumental version of ‘Du Hast’ by German hard rockers Rammstein; performs a brilliant mashup of various cheesy song lyrics (replacing the cheesy original lyrics) of ‘Right Here Waiting’ by Richard Marx; and indulges in some ‘bedtime reading’ – hilarious slash fiction that will forever change the way you feel about watching old episodes of “The West Wing”.

Serious effort has gone into crafting this show, which positively explodes with a finely-balanced mix of literary and popular culture references – and in the hands of this very talented performer it is a rare delight for aspiring modern poets, word-nerds and fans of clever comedy.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)