Until 21 Mar 2021

Review by Lance Jones

Adelaide is currently the most vibrant place on the planet, thanks to COVID. At least according to “Mickey D” it is, and he should know. He’s a local who has travelled the world doing some awesome stuff; stuff we get to hear all about in his hour-long fringe show, nice and early at 6 o’clock. Yup, the name of the show is a dead giveaway!

The Piglet is an interesting venue as there is just a simple cloth banner that separates the audience and the show from the outside world. No matter. Those walking past tend to join in from time to time. Mickey doesn’t flinch and includes them in the show. He is a very skilful add-libber and doesn’t miss a beat. It’s almost as if he got his mates to walk past half way through the show at around 6.30pm so they could heckle and create some extra fun, at no extra costs to the paying punter!

Mickey is an endearing and likeable chap. He makes some very amusing self-deprecating jokes and apologises for any offence he may be causing by his jokes. There is definitely none taken. Members of the audience are included in his act and he communes well with them. It’s like the general public in the street and the audience inside the venue have all been drafted into the show, and it is very, very funny.

I can imagine each and every show will be different, as there must surely be a script to base the act on, but I can imagine it is rarely followed. Mickey makes use of what is presented to him. From a bloke holding two beers, posh ladies from posh suburbs in the front row, a woman snorting as she laughs, and feigning being “freaked out” while having a random ray of sunshine hit him without warning while he was taking the “mickey” out of Jesus. Throw it his way and he will make you laugh about it.

The six o’clock time slot is perfect. One can arrive at Gluttony straight from work on the way home, or as a prelude for an evening out. Or you can just go and see Mickey, he’s worth it as an attraction in his own right.

Likeable, cheeky and very, very funny. Go and see Mickey D and be home in time for dinner!

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)