Until 11 Mar 2012

Review by Brian Godfrey

"Mama’s Bag of Feathers” is adult cabaret to the extreme, and as such won’t appeal to everyone (in fact, could shock those with delicate demeanours) – but those willing to take the plunge are in for a treat.

The show is daring, bold, unique, pushes the envelope – staying just this side of tearing it completely – and is brilliant.

Victorians seem to have the knack of morphing the traditional cabaret mould into something different and new.

The Decrepit Cabaret (brothers Shannon and Mark McGurgan) offers an hour of wonderfully weird delights – from the show having already started before the audience are allowed in through to keyboard player Mark offering the audience cupcakes (which are delicious) and then giving us a quick snatch of contemporary dance – oh, and let‘s not forget Shannon‘s hula hoop routine and the audience sing-a-long (to a song they‘ve never heard – don‘t panic, Mark helps with the words).

The main performer is Shannon, who, with his brilliant vocals, provides us with Tom Waits, The Motels and his own compositions which are fantastic – but not likely to hit the air waves due to their content and language. One particular highlight is the titular “Mama’s Bag of Feathers”, a New Orleans blues style number performed superbly by Shannon.

Yes, there is audience participation, but with keeping with the rest of the show, it is turned on its head with the audience having the upper hand.

This reviewer must once again give the warning: do not see this show if you are easily offended. But if you desire a true Fringe experience that is exciting in its concept and deployment, this is it!

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)