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Holden Street Theatres
Holden Street Theatres
Until 08 Mar 2020

Review by Kylie Pedler

“Grounded” is the challenging, thought-provoking work of George Brant. Directed by Poppy Rowley, this production is outstanding. Martha Lott’s powerful performance as the unnamed pilot is intense, taking the audience high into the heavens and then allowing them to see her heartbreaking fall. An emotionally and physically difficult piece, Lott’s performance is well paced, with dramatic tension and perfectly timed witty lines. The simple set—lonely chair and grey wash backdrop—enables her the freedom to own the stage and move from space to space.

From the initial buzz of an egocentric pilot to the moment her career in the sky is ended early due to pregnancy, Lott as the unnamed pilot is on point. On returning to work she is greatly disappointed to find that her fighter jet has been replaced by a seat in a trailer and a military drone. Hunting terrorists by day and a family woman at night, it is not long before consumed by dreams of the blue and the pressures of hitting the target, the space between the desert she lives in and the desert 1.2 seconds away in which the enemy lies become blurred. Lott’s performance explodes, much like the final drone strike, in a climatic conclusion that leaves the audience in a moment of stillness. A moment to consider life and death decisions made by the push of a remote control button, and a performance that won’t be forgotten.

Outstanding performance by a truly talented actor. A Fringe must see!

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)