Holden Street Theatres
Holden Street Theatres
Until 13 Mar 2016

Review by Fran Edwards

We get to see a lot of good theatre during the Adelaide Fringe Festival, but seldom do we see such a well-crafted, thought provoking piece as this. Two strikingly different stories, told side by side, with disturbing similarity. A Victorian young lady looking for a place to fit in a patriarchal society (a husband) and a Muslim schoolgirl (planning to become a Jihadi bride), both with intelligence and a conscience, both constricted by religious and social beliefs that betray them. Stories 175 year apart, but so similar, and you can feel it still echoing.

The writer, Henry Naylor, has fashioned a play with carefully chosen words which weaves the two stories together. The sensitivity and truth that shine through the writing resonates with his audience. The two actors, Felicity Houlbrook and Filipa Braganca, are compelling and hold the attention completely. They both rail against the way their lives are controlled by men, they are both alone, but the depth of understanding that allows them to go from desiring children (as away of doing their duty) to realizing that they carry the seed to produce men who will do it all again is chilling.

This is compelling theatre. If you only manage to see a few productions this Fringe, this should be one of them!

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)