Main Hall at 51 Coglin Street
Until 13 Mar 2021

Review by Doug Phillips

If your idea of the Adelaide Fringe is carnival rides, big-name acts, and gardens full of side-show acts, then the Fringe Variety All Stars shows is probably not for you. This is Fringe at its rawest. Up and comers, paying their dues and doing the hard yards, all so they can do what they love… perform.

The show consists of plenty of acts. Too many, in fact, to be able to stick to its advertised ninety-minute length. There are comedians, musicians, dancers, and more, of many styles and varying levels of talent and experience.

There are some laugh out loud moments, some cringe-worthy moments, and some moments spent checking the time. But we’re also treated to performers doing what performers do best at Fringe time, and that’s supporting their fellow performers.

At the risk of being accused of censorship, there needs to be mention of the inappropriateness of rape jokes. Inappropriateness is being tactful too. It’s not okay, never has been, and there’s no excuse anymore. Not even in the name of “art”, “comedy”, or free speech”. The audience’s reaction made this crystal clear.

Congratulations to the performers who effectively shut down the hecklers in the crowd. None more effectively than Blake Emmerrett. Blake stood out for more than just his handling of these audience members who thought they were on the bill. His humour was well delivered and very funny.

This isn’t polished art. It’s Fringe art. No doubt it was a bit too educational for the eleven-year-old in the audience too. In fairness though, it was advertised as R18+.

Rating: 2 stars (out of 5)