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What are the ATG "Curtain Call" Awards?

The Adelaide Theatre Guide considers all theatre productions reviewed by its Review team for its awards for excellence, the "Curtain Call" Awards.

To maintain objectivity and consideration of all theatre in Adelaide, a strict process of consideration is followed to determine the outcome of what is hoped to be a fair and objective acknowledgment of excellence in live theatre.

The ATG reviews over 90% of the live theatre produced in Adelaide and since June 2004, more than one staff member of the ATG has attended those productions which might be worthy of nomination, furthering the objectivity of consideration.

Categories that have been awarded and considered to date include:

Amateur Professional*
Best Show - Comedy Best Show - Comedy
Best Show - Drama Best Show - Drama
Best Show - Musical Best Show - Musical
  Best Show - Cabaret
Best Show - Youth Theatre  
Best Female Performance Best Female Performance
Best Male Performance Best Male Performance
Best Female Young Performer  
Best Male Young Performer  
Best Ensemble Best Ensemble
Best Technical/Design Best Technical/Design

* For awards presented in 2019 and after the "Professional" category denotes that a company sourced professional performance rights for their production.

* For awards presented in 2018 and prior the "Professional" category denotes the show used paid actors/a profit-share model for the production

Shows and performances eligible for consideration for a nomination, in both amateur and professional categories, must have originated in South Australia, and been reviewed by Adelaide Theatre Guide between 1 July of the previous year and 30 June of the current year.

Criteria for Best Show nominees encourage aspects of theatre - like elements of uniqueness, re-invention, pushing boundaries and/or successfully taking risks. A high standard of production also needs to be evident, spanning all areas, including performances, direction, choreography and music (where applicable), costumes, sets, sound, lighting and stage crewing.

A Best Ensemble reflects an exceptional standard of performance by all its cast members. Nominees in individual categories must not only have given an outstanding performance, but be memorable and stand apart from the other cast members. The Young Performer category aims to recognise theatre performers under the age of 18 who have also demonstrated such outstanding performances, whether in a youth theatre setting or in any other production. These categories focus only on performance, and do not take a show's other elements into account.

The Technical Excellence category recognises exceptional design and/or operation in the technical areas of production, and spans elements contributing to the standard of a show - like set design, costumes, lighting, sound and special effects. As for the nominees for Best Show, the technical element recognised must be of high standard, distinctive and successful in taking risks.

Who is nominated?

Nominations in each category will be announced online annually at www.theatreguide.com.au.