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The Therry Dramatic Society was founded by George Duke Walton on 8 September 1943. The first meeting was held in Wakefield Street, Adelaide adjacent St Francis Xavier Cathedral.

The first major production - Quality Street by J.M. Barrie - was mounted the following year, on 2 August 1944. This was the forerunner of nearly 300 productions which the Society has produced since that time. The Society has staged one musical and three plays each year since 1978.

A Schools Drama Festival was introduced in 1962 to encourage drama in Catholic schools giving many students their first opportunity for onstage and backstage work and encouraging some to join Therry after leaving school. Seven of these students eventually became Presidents of the Society with others serving as Council members. Some prominent Australian actors and stage technicians began their careers in professional theatre through this Festival.

In 1984, the Society moved its Clubrooms from Wakefield Street, where members had met and rehearsed since 1943, to St Mary's Church, Beulah Road, Norwood.

In 2010, Therry purchased its own premises at 2/1 Regina Court, Beverley. It is here that all activities (except performance) take place: rehearsals, set construction; furniture, properties and costume storage; administration and auditions. Members meet every Tuesday, except during a production, to plan, plot and perform the many chores involved in transferring each production from the page to the stage. New-comers are welcome; no experience is necessary.

Over almost 70 years, productions have been staged in Australia Hall, Willard Hall in Wakefield Street, back to the Australia Hall, renamed the Royalty Theatre and, since 1995, at the Arts Theatre in Angas Street.