Actually Acting Youth Theatre

Written By: Brandi Owensby & Terry Gabbard
Directed By: Alicia Zorkovic with assistance from Brant Eustice

Know Your Role
No sooner do we leave the womb than we're bombarded by society's expectations about gender. If you're a boy, you're like this. If you're a girl, you're like that. Through scenes and monologues that range from hilarious to heartbreaking, this one-act explores how these expectations affect teens' daily lives. Whether it's how they dress, the rules of dating, body image, parental pressures or a host of other ways, the teens of this flexible ensemble reveal how gender expectations affect them and their "role."

Our Place
The unassuming location of a dock extending out onto a small lake serves as the backdrop for five different stories. The entire ensemble gathers on the dock together for the final scene. In a poetic epilogue, they all discover the true meaning of Our Place —both comedic and tragic.

Roles Available:
Know Your Role
Up to 16 young actors aged 14+ for this vignette play with multiple scenes, related by theme not storyline. Some scenes are comic, others are dramatic and other will make you think.
*winner of Best Youth Production, Best Youth Female, Best Youth Male and Best Director at Seymour One-Act Play Festival (September 2023)

Our Place
JAKE: 17 years old.
HOLLY: 17 years old.
ANNE: 17 years old.
LYLE: 17 years old.
BETH: 52 years old.
JONATHAN: 80 years old.
AL: 40s.
BRENDA: 40s.
NICKY: 13 years old.
SHERRY: 8 years old.
COREY: 20 years old.
LIBERTY: 20 years old.
STANLEY: 16 years old.
SIDNEY: 6 years old.

Various dates throughout January 12-27th (cast need to be available for at least half the rehearsals)

Plus compulsory dates on
February 3, 4 at 12-6
February 8, 13 & 15 at 5-9pm

Saturday 17 Feb @ 3pm
Sunday 18 Feb @ 3pm
Tuesday 20 Feb @ 7.30pm
Wednesday 21 Feb @ 7.30pm
*potential 5th performance on Sunday 18 Feb at 7.30pm

Star Theatres, 145 Sir Don Bradman Drive, Hilton

Dec 10 - 11am to 4pm
Dec 11 - 12pm to 4pm

19 St Bernards Rd, Magill (Girl Guides Hall)

More Information:
Contact Alicia Zorkovic on 0414261591 or email alicia@actuallyacting.com.au