Blackwood Players Inc

Written By: Adapted by Myles Leon based on the story by Kenneth Grahame
Directed By: Myles Leon

Good-natured Mole new to the river losses his patience with his housework and meets up with Ratty and becomes new friends. Toad gives up boating and becomes obsessed with caravans, then gets obsessed with motorcars. Toad's behavior upsets everyone in the district, that eventually sent to jail for many years. Meanwhile Bubbles the leader of the Weasels of Wild Woods take over Toad Hall, where Badger comes to the rescue. Add a Prince, Princess a Dame and other fun-loving characters, you have a typical pantomime for the family. Lots of audience patriation, songs and dances to be entertained.

Roles Available:
Toad - Bumptious, arrogant and cunning, all mighty show off and not remotely worried who people
think of him. Struts around thinking he owns the district. Prefer a roundish body but not
essential. Able to sing; ability to dance.
Male or Female: 30-50 years

Ratty - Principled traditionist, in human life. Happy and friendly; almost carefree.
A real spark character. Able to sing; ability to dance.
Male or female: 18-40 years

Mole - An innocent abroad, delightful humble brave character. Loyal to his new friends. Sometimes
timid but not weedy. Prefer a roundish body but not essential. Able to sing; ability to dance.
Male or Female: 18-40 years

Badger - Very imposing character, slightly rounded. Sometimes quietly authoritative, but everyone
loves him. Able to sing; ability to dance.
Male or Female: 18-40 years

Bubbles - The self-pointed weasel. Leader of Wild Woods. The Fonz character.
Needs to be comical and act the rough guy. Able to sing; ability to dance.
Male or Female: 25+

Squeak - Bubble's sidekick, very stupid, bit of a scaredy cat. Needs to be comical.
Able to sing; ability to dance
Male or Female: 25+

Otter - Resident of the riverbank. Tough guy. Tall and thin built.
(Non-singing role, ability to dance)
Male 20+

Portly - Otter's Son. Good role for a youngster.
(Non-singing role)
Male 8+

Aunt Millie - Friendly, blustery and silly. Typical Dame who carries much of the comedy.
Very comical and reacts with the audience. Able to sing; ability to dance.
Male 30+

Primrose - Delicate pretty young female; who is eager to please. Fun but yet can be frighten.
Falls in love with Prince William. Able to sing; ability to dance.
Female: 18-25 years

Prince William - Confident, stylish, fun and romantic character. Your typical Prince.
Falls in love with Primrose. Able to sing; ability to dance.
Male or Female: 18-25 years.

Gail (Lofty's daughter) - Helps around the jail. Helps with Toads' escape.
(Non-singing role; ability to dance)
Female: 25+

Lofty - In charge of the jail. Takes no nonsense. Tall figured.
(Non-singing role)
Male: 40+

Judge - Almost a buffoon with a red shiny nose. Loves his drink.
(Non-singing role)
Male or Female 40+

Constable Plod - An overacting character, bit of a comedian. Typical London Policeman.
Able to do a cockney accent
(Non-singing role)
Male 35+

Albert - Albert the Train Driver. Good healthy worker. Loveable person
(Non-singing role)
Male 25+

Henry - A tourist. Husband to Mavis
(Non-singing role)
Male 40+

Mavis - Nagging wife to Henry. Worries about everything.
(Non-singing role)
Female 40+

Ronnie the Rat - A rat that has lived in the prison for many years. Good role for a youngster.
(Non-singing role; ability to dance)
Male or Female: 8+

Kitty - Kitty is Primrose pet cat. Follows her everywhere. Good role for a youngster.
(Non-speaking and singing role)
Female: 8+

Toad's Lawyer - Protects Toad to go to Jail.
(Non-singing role; ability to dance)
Male or Female: 20+

Prosecutor - Tough character; wants to see Toad sent to jail.
(Non-singing role; ability to dance)
Male or Female.

Many other roles include Mrs. Duck, Mrs. Rabbit, Mrs. Mouse, additional weasels and stouts, villages and animals for all ages.

Some roles will be doubled up. Age of some roles can be overloooked

Tuesday evenings 7.30pm - 10pm
Sundays can very 1.00pm - 5pm or 6pm - 9.30pm

Saturday 9th November 2024 - 2pm
Sunday 10th November 2024 - 2pm
Saturday 16th November 2024 - 2.00pm & 6.00pm
Sunday 17th November 2024 - 2.00pm

Blackwood Memorial Hall
21 Coromandel Parade, Blackwood

Information Night:
Depending on the role you will be going for. Audition pack will be emailed to you and songs you can prepare to sing at the audition. For those who are under 18 must sign an agreement form to allow be on stage with others over the age of 18+

Auditions: Sunday 16th June 2024 (10am - 6pm)

Blackwood Memorial Hall
21 Coromandel Parade, Blackwood

More Information:
Contact Myles David Leon - President/Director on 0421002802 or email

The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company of SA Inc (aka “The Met”)

Written By: By Arrangement with David Spicer Productions
Music and Lyrics by Peter Allen. Book by Nick Enright
Original Production by Ben Gannon and Robert Fox

Directed By: Selena Britz
Musical Director: Jane Feast
Choreographer: Carmel Vistoli

THE BOY FROM OZ is the most successful Australian musical ever and the first to make it to Broadway. It is a musical biography/tribute to the late great Peter Allen. Peter Allen was born in the outback Australian town of Tenterfield in 1944. He made his entertainment debut at the age of 5 impersonating Al Jolson. As a teenager he became a pop star and then toured Asia. There he met Judy Garland who took him to London where he met and become engaged to her daughter Liza Minnelli. In the US Peter enjoyed the highs of success by winning an Oscar, selling out performances in Radio City Music Hall, and receiving adulation when he returned to Australia. There were also plenty of lows … breaking up with his wife, staging a Broadway flop, the death of his partner and his own battle with illness. Peter Allen had an extraordinary life which producer Ben Gannon realized had the potential to become a magnificent musical and with Robert Fox they turned it into the smash hit it became.

The Boy From Oz is a class above all other ‘jukebox’ musicals. The late Nick Enright skillfully weaved his plot around the life and complexities of Peter Allen. The songs and lyrics sit easily with the rhythm of the piece and with the characters as they enter and re-enter his life, be they dead or alive. It leaps, as does Peter himself, from past to present and back to past all within the familiar context of one of his energy-packed concerts.

Roles Available:
1. I Still Call Australia Home – bars 54-85. (Please note the change in time signature)
2. Don’t Cry Out Loud – bars 36- 52.

The great Australian entertainer, singer, songwriter, and dancer. Looking for a triple threat … and more! A mammoth role that anchors the show, Peter covers all emotions, works the audience by breaking the fourth wall convention, and moves the story line through flashback, narration, humour and drama. A dynamic, exhaustingly energetic song and dance man with his own brand of Australian charm who is capable of holding an audience and leaving them yelling for more. Should be able to recreate the Peter Allen style, manner, and charisma. Let old You Tube clips of Peter be your guide! Please do your research!
Ability to play piano is an advantage.
Stage Age: negotiable, ideally around 30 yrs
Vocal Range: High Baritone / B-flat Falsetto
Audition Songs: Not the boy next door. Bars 29-52

He will dance, he will sing, he will do anything! Looking for a capable singing voice and the ability to tap-dance is a must. Energetic and optimistic and full of hope
Stage Age: around 10 yrs
Vocal Range: Middle C# - D (treble/unchanged voice)
A short dance routine in audition appointment – please bring tap shoes.
Audition Songs: When I Get My Name in Lights

Peter’s Mother; Solid, supportive, “good sport” type. Played mostly through flashback. Marion provides the insight into Peter’s childhood in 1950’s rural New South Wales. She and Peter have a strong bond with shared interests in music and movies and she is fiercely protective of Peter’s emerging talent and defends it against her drunken husband’s disapproval. Her heartfelt “Don’t Cry Out Loud” as the show reaches its climax carries a lot of gravity. Australian accent required.
Stage Age: mid 50s
Vocal Range: E (below the stave) to B-flat on stave. Strong Lyrically Connected Singer with Character Voicing.
Good mover
Audition Songs: Don’t Cry Out Loud (in full)

One of the greatest, if not THE greatest singing stars of the Hollywood Golden Era of Musicals. Smokey, Star Power, Attitude, Sarcasm, Witt and Endearing with a good balance of Troubled History, Experience and Exhaustion. Looking for a truthful re-creation of Judy. Check out You Tube Clips of her television show and the recent film starring Renee Z. Judy’s gestures, vibrato and mannerisms are iconic and very distinct. Please do your research.
AGE: 40 - 55 yrs
Some dance.
Vocal Range: E-flat below the stave to A on the stave
Short movement routine will be taught during their audition appointment.
Audition Songs: All I wanted was a dream. In full.

Strong triple threat performer, however living in the shadow of her famous mother until her own iconic career takes off. Married to Peter; her career overshadows his. Eventually their marriage breaks up, however Liza and Peter remain soulmates. Quirky, energetic, stylish and a true theatre beast. Liza has a very distinct sound and distinct mannerisms we wish to capture. Watch Liza perform “And The World Goes ‘Round” and ‘Liza With a Z’ concert or any materials you can on You Tube. Please do your research. be a strong singer and dancer. Early in her career, this is Liza as the star is born; at first a little quirky and awkward, her self-confidence grows and gives way to the Liza with a ‘Z’.
Stage Age: 20s
Vocal Range: F (below the stave) to C# on the stave
Strong dancer with star quality and sense of style. Great Fosse skills highly regarded.
Audition Songs: Sure Thing Baby. Bars 8-44 I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love

Exceptional singers, strong dancers/movers. The trio are part of Peter’s show, interacting with him and the audience in the cabaret-style presentation. They are entertainers and present much of the music of the show either as vocal leads or backing singers to Peter. We are looking for confident personalities with experience in part-singing.
Stage Age: any
Vocal Range: Low E-Flat – Bb (above stave), most often split into SSA.
Short movement routine will be taught during their audition appointment.
Audition Songs: Not the boy next door. Bars 61-75

Peter’s partner. A sexy Texan cowboy-type. Could be mistaken for the strong silent type, until you get to know him; he is sincere, realistic, loving, and quite cheeky. Texan Accent preferred.
Stage Age: 30's, comparable to Peter
Vocal Range: Middle C – D in stave
Audition Songs: I honestly love you. Bars 13-37

Singer and dancer. A young song-writer and other half of the Allen Brothers, with Peter. A confident performer who enjoys the song-and-dance man life, just enough fame and fortune to do well with the ladies and ‘live the life’. He knows what he’s good at and is happy enough with that.
Stage Age: 20's
Vocal Ranger: Middle C – D in stave
Audition Songs: Pretty Keen Teen. Bars 6-32

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION. Dee Anthony is a US artist’s manager of renown. Described as “barrel-chested with a bark that came from deep down, the guttural dialect of the New York boroughs. You could hear the guy coming a block away.”
AGE: 50+
VOCAL: Non-singing role

Dick Woolnough is a brooding Australian from Armidale, who never lived up to his potential. An alcoholic with a tendency towards violence. Strong Actor with physical presence.
AGE: 50+
VOCAL: Non-singing role
If necessary Dick and Dee could be played by the same actor.

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: Strong Character Actor/Singer. Wally Bell is a self-made entrepreneur and father of Chris Bell.
AGE: 45+
VOCAL RANGE: Any, strong singer.

Strong Character Actor/Singer. Josie Mann is an Aussie, salt of the earth, country pub owner. Valerie Anthony is a New Yorker, supporter of the arts and married to Peter’s manager, Dee Anthony. Will take many of the minor female speaking roles.
AGE: 35+
VOCAL RANGE: Any, strong singer.

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: Strong triple threat. The other half of the The Allen Brothers, a young pop duo styled on the Everly Brothers.
AGE: 20's
DANCE ABILITY: Must have solid jazz technique and show excellent ability in a range of theatre dance styles/periods.

All experienced Dancers and Strong Singer/Actors. A variety of smaller roles will be played by ensemble members. Diversity encouraged.
VOCAL RANGE: Any, strong singers & mix of ranges
DANCE ABILITY: Must have solid jazz technique and show excellent ability in a range of theatre dance styles/periods. Rockette style and tap skills are preferable and a good understanding of Fosse.

From the male ensemble we will be casting:
Brian Henderson - host of Australian Bandstand.
Mark Herron – 30s, attractive fiancé of Judy.

Mondays at 7:30 pm at Maylands Church of Christ Hall
Corner of Portrush Road and Nora Street, Maylands

Wednesdays at 7:30 pm at Wesley Uniting Church
Fullarton Road, Kent Town

Some Sundays at either venues above - tba

17-19 & 22-26 October 2024
Evenings at 7:30 pm and Matinees at 2 pm
Special Price Night Tuesday 22 October at 7:30 pm

The Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide

Information Night:
Information Night held on Monday 3 June at 7:45 pm at Maylands Church of Christ Hall, corner of Portrush Road and Nora Street, Maylands.

Please note: Audition bookings will be through TRYBOOKING from 9 pm on Monday 3 June

Sunday 16 June 2024 from 2:30 pm to 10:00 pm
Monday 17 June 2024 from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Maylands Church of Christ Hall, corner of Portrush Road and Nora Street, Maylands.

More Information:
Contact Carolyn Mesecke on 0407 457 821 or email