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Foul Play


Written By: Originally written by Federico García Lorca
Adapted by Holly Brindley
Directed By: Nescha Jelk

Nescha JelkYerma and Juan love each other. Deeply.
The married couple spend their days gossiping about work colleagues, debating home renovations and inventing secret handshakes. But beneath this veneer of everyday domesticity, a disquieting tensity pervades from what is left unspoken.

Yerma, a 40 year old Muslim woman, is desperate to have a child. Juan isn’t.

Neither is able to talk about it.

Yerma’s faith crumbles as the possibility of a childless future looms, whilst Juan scrambles to preserve the pieces of their relationship.

Holly Brindley has poured the ingredients of Lorca’s Yerma into a 2019 Thermomix, exploring what might happen to the couple under the myriad contemporary pressures surrounding marriage and family today, asking: what happens when our desires equally pull and propel us from the ones we love?

Performance Dates:
November 8, 9 — 8pm (Previews)
November 12-16 — 8pm
November 16 - 2pm
November 17 - 5pm
November 20-23 — 8pm

100 Sixth St, Bowden, SA 5007

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