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Written By: David Cronin
Directed By: Malcolm Harslett

One of the greatest mysteries of modern history is now solved!
But how did The Man Who Wrote Shakespeare keep the secret of his authorship?
And how did he manage to not only survive two years in the Tower of London, but also write Hamlet and other plays in the shadow of the executioner’s axe?
The trauma caused a radical shift in his writing, creating our ‘greatest’ writer.

He chose to delve deep for what might well be his last play. He went from writing histories and comedies to tragedies, and finally to healing and redemption through the ‘problem’ plays and ‘romances.’
The man who wrote under the pseudonym Shakespeare was a prominent and popular figure: leader of the opposition in parliament, ambassador to France, and a successful businessman.
Now you’re probably thinking: ’Not another contender!’ But this time the evidence is clear. His library survives; his life fits the written works like a glove. The real question is, can the truth supplant a story supported purely by belief?

With the true author identified, I invite you to revel in revisiting and enjoying once again these wonderful words we all agree will continue to thrill us, and many more to come, forever.
“Russell Starke totally inhabits the character of the Bard. Emily-Jo Davidson nails every character, linking most scenes with song and lute accompiament. Her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I is a standout - witty and acerbic. Charles Herkes plays a wide range of characters, changing his character as rapidly as his costumes. His final scene with Henry is intense and a highlight.” Barry Hill, StageWhispers

Approx. Running Time: 90 mins plus interval
Suitable for ages: all

Performance Dates:
19, 20, 21 February; 4,5,6 & 20 March

Star Theatre 2 Hilton and Hats Cultural Centre Auburn


$18 to $29.50