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Written & Directed By: Spanky!

“What if the famous Hans Christian Anderson Fable was reversed, and it was a little duck that hatched into a family of swans? Never to achieve their elegance, their grace and their beauty? What if said family of swans were a Kardashian-esq family of socialites, eager to conquer the new frontier of social media fame? What if they set out to achieve their goal vicariously through their awkward little duckling? Then, what if she failed?” Good Vibes Melbourne
Duckie is... an ugly duck! She's also adopted, a Z grade socialite (think the Kardashians poorer, less insta-famous next door neighbour) and suffers dysmorphic delusions of grandeur. Duckie is very discombobulated to learn that only cygnets, NOT ducks transform into beautiful swans. However Duckie won't allow mere genetics to stand in her way as she utilises surgery, social media, celebrity, Botox, feathers and fillers to fulfil her self-appointed birthright.
In its South Australian premier, Ugly Duckling combines all your favourite pop tunes like Lorde and Julia Michaels with everything you loved about films like Easy A, Ten things I hate about you and Clueless. Navigating the tricky terrain that every modern day femme faces, Duckie is Carrie Bradshaw on crack, with a little bit of KIMYE jumbled in for good measure.

Performed by Karla Hillam (The Divine Miss Bette, Los Nachos Trios, Offspring, Wentworth and The Warriors), directed by the multi-award winning international cabaret artiste Spanky! (Candice McQueen: Nasty, Matthew Mitcham: Twists and Turns, Matthew Mitcham: Under the covers) and Musically directed by Andrew Kroenert (Carmen Live or Dead, 27 Club, Jesus Christ Superstar, Dream Lover) with sound and lighting by Daniel Barca (Tessa Waters, Ivan Aristeguieta, Fringe Wives Club, Backwards Anorak and Aunty Donna) this dynamic team is sure to delight all of your senses.

"I have always felt like an ugly duckling myself and have always loved the fable," says Karla. "My initial idea came from a memory I have from a ballet concert when I was 4 or 5, we were performing the song Rubber Duckie and we were paired off as a duckling and a little girl. I was allotted the duck costume and I remember feeling disappointed that the Little Girl costume was ‘much prettier’. I was reflecting on why as a child I was so aware of what ‘pretty’ was. It got me thinking about how we perceive beauty and women in modern day society, and why so many people still feel like they have to mask their ‘real’ selves."

Ugly Duckling is the ideal prescription for a fabulous night out, and the perfect antidote to the daily slog. After a sickening Melbourne season, book your tickets for Adelaide Fringe now before they sell out.

Approx. Running Time: 60mins
Suitable for ages: 16-45

Performance Dates:
-- Note this is an archived listing for performances in the year 2018 --
Tuesday 6th March - Sunday 18th March 7:45pm (No Monday show)

A Space Called Thelma, at RAJOPOLIS at Raj House
54 Hyde St, Adelaide, 5000

-- Note this is an archived listing for performances in the year 2018 --

Cost: $10-$35 (Bank SA Support Act)