The State Theatre Company of South Australia
The Space


Written By: David Williamson
Directed By: Tessa Leong

David Williamson’s legendary The Club has been performed by every major theatre company in Australia… but never like this.

A football club on the brink of great change. The Club is in crisis – the old guard is being put into question and a new path must be paved. Tradition vies against innovation in a world where mateship, casual violence, homophobia and racism are not commonplace but par for the course. In this community, a pool table and a whiskey bottle are the go-to for letting off steam. But the pressure is on to be the hero, and to save the team and the name of the club in the process.

Presented by State Theatre Company, this bold new imagining of David Williamson’s classic 1977 play by isthisyours? is daring and unashamedly irreverent, a razor-sharp theatrical reinvention that flips the script on an Aussie classic.d event overview

Performance Dates:
April 5-20

Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre

via BASS or 131 246