Out of The Square
The Parks Theatre


If you like Andre Rieu you'll love String Fever!

Jacqui and Brenton Edgecombe bring you strings like you've never heard before. Brenton hammers his fiddle like a rock-star and Jacqui plays her cello with depth and grace you'd expect from a former Symphony Orchestra member.

Their musical rollercoaster will take you from Bluegrass to the Beatles to the Blue Danube and their virtuosity will leave you spellbound. They'll also keep you smiling with a cheeky dose of husband-wife humour.

String Fever have received 11 national awards for their services to showbiz, including five 'MO' awards, and the 'Qantas Peter Allen Variety Performers of the Year'.

Suitable for ages: All Ages

Performance Dates:
Friday 16th March 11am. Free morning tea from 10:30am.

The Parks Theatres. 46 Cowan Street, Angle Park, SA, 5010.

To book contact Ceri Hutton at or 84062951.

To book online visit

Tickets $18