Emma Knights Productions
Woodville Town Hall


Written By: Sean O'Boyle & Ian McFadyen
Directed By: Emma Knights

Space Encounters is a 50-minute interactive family opera created by Sean O'Boyle and Ian McFadyen. We join astronauts Harris and Jefferson, who have set off to an unknown planet in search of the source of a strange signal. There they meet something or someone they did not expect. With Jefferson's short temper and Harris' empathy who knows where the story will go and when Roland the Robot malfunctions will they ever be able to get back home?
"I wish I could see it again" -- Year 3 student, St Johns Grammar
"Please, please -- do yourself a favour and take your children to see this performance" -- GLAM Adelaide Review

Approx. Running Time: 60 minutes
Suitable for ages: 5-12

Performance Dates:
1st to 4th of March various times (see booking site for details

Woodville Town Hall