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60 minutes plus post show Q&A. Ages recommended 10-12 years. Warning contains mild course language.

Two women meet face to face for the first time across the bed of a dying man. Strangers to each other but bonded by blood and grief. Sisters. They break the cold silence of the hospital room to start a difficult conversation. About the past and secrets. About the women who were their mothers. And about why this man, their father, abandoned one family to make another. When the past is dying and can't say sorry, how do you move on?

Sista Business is an exploration of the relationship between Indigenous and Non-indigenous Australians, via the story of two women who share a white father. One of the women has a mother who is white, the other woman's mother is aboriginal. How differently have they experienced life as Australians due to what culture their mothers came from? The play seeks to portray the impact of denial, abandonment, oppression and disadvantage in the context of this family story, while serving as a metaphor for the devastation that post-European settlement contact brought to indigenous culture and communities.

Written Credit: This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Ministry for the Arts’ Catalyst – Australian Arts and Culture Fund.

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Approx. Running Time: 60 Minutes
Suitable for ages: Recommended 10-12 years

Performance Dates:
Tuesday 9th May @ 1pm

Hopgood Theatre

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Under 17s - $15
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