The A Club


Written & Directed By: Aurélie Roque

Presented by Call This Guy and Aurélie Roque

Aurélie Roque left Kansas during a tornado, faced lions, tigers and bears…OH MY… befriended a Scarecrow and Tinman, while turning her Lion into a companion. But while this US expat found her yellow brick road to Oz, you’ll have to wait and see if she found her wizard or clicked her heels for home.

Following a season at Brisbane’s Hayward Street Studios and The Arts Centre Gold Coast’s SideShow series, Aurélie brings her ever evolving Ruby Slipper Chronicles to Adelaide Fringe Festival which tells the stories of the trials, turmoil and triumphs she faced when she hitched up her blue and white checks en route to Australia six years ago.

Slippers will be stolen, witches will be defeated as Aurélie takes you on a journey with twists and turns guided by thrilling, hilarious and evocative tales, narrated with excitingly tweaked and transformed musical theatre and pop tunes, with a small, Toto-sized dash of country, with fantastic musical direction by Luke Volker.

There’s no place like…. being at The Main Room, The A Club, during the Adelaide Fringe Festival, enraptured by Ruby Slipper Chronicles starring Aurélie Roque.

Suitable for ages: Contains some explicit language. Recommended for adults

Performance Dates:
9pm Friday and Saturday 15-16 February and 7.30pm Sunday 17 February

The Main Room, The A Club, Adelaide

1300 621 255

$14.25 - $20.00