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Written By: Karel Capek
Directed By: Lindsay Nash

Robots of the world! The power of man has fallen! A new world has arisen: the Rule of the Robots! March!

In the year 2020, after the global labour crisis, mankind seeks to find a more efficient and cost-effective way to perform the menial tasks of society. Through the breakthrough of a brilliant scientist, Dr. Rossum, the age of the Robot labour force has begun.
20 years have since past and control of the secluded Robot factory as passed onto Harry

Domin and his team. Follow their exploits as they discover the capabilities of their Robots and the yearning for them to become more than what they were designed for.

Approx. Running Time: 120 minutes
Suitable for ages: Ages 13+

Performance Dates:
Thursday the 22nd of June (Performance at 7:30pm)
Friday the 23rd of June (Performance at 7:30pm)
Saturday the 24th of June (Performance at 2:00pm)
Saturday the 24th of June (Performance at 7:30pm)
Sunday the 25th of June (Performance at 2:00pm)

Star Theatres (Theatre Two or The Chapel)
145 Sir Donald Bradman Drive
Hilton SA 5033

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All tickets - $23