Written By: Simon Morley and David Friend

Australian-born and internationally successful comedy show, Puppetry Of The Penis returns to Australia in 2020 for The Best Bits Tour.

The show is unabashed and aims to shed light on the male genitalia - while surprising and delighting audiences. Original creators, Simon Morley and David Friend are available for interviews and appearances. They’re seasoned storytellers, who can balance humorous anecdotes without offensive or explicit content.

Conceived initially in male sporting change rooms, the show has since found favour with both men and women alike. Having conquered 35 countries with theatrical and absurdist humour, the tour promises to regale audiences with iconic acts such as the Eiffel Tower, the Lochness Monster, the Pelican and the Hamburger - along with several new installations.

Guaranteeing both entertainment and liberation, Puppetry of the Penis invites Australian audiences to laugh out loud, and celebrate an odd piece of human anatomy.

Originating in 1997 as a calendar of penis installations, Simon Morley and David Friend’s Puppetry of the Penis eventually transformed itself into a live show for the 1998 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. After a national tour, the show was taken to the UK - finding critical acclaim and yet another sell-out run, Puppetry of the Penis was installed for six months on London’s West-End, and eventually spent two years on New York’s 42nd St.

The next decade saw the show successfully touring Australia, the UK and beyond – while establishing a residency in Las Vegas. A 20-year-old act that still dares to expose, frighten and amuse, Puppetry of the Penis is an Australian theatrical institution.

‘…Nothing sexual, just primitive male art’
Simon Morley (Creator)

‘…Outright best show…Shocking, Ridiculous, Hilarious…’
The Age, Melbourne, Australia

‘Sends audience members into hysterics. ’
New York Times

'...Shocked me into uncontrollable fits of hysterics…’
Time Out, London

‘…Gently witty …Surprisingly charming …Done with a high degree of decorum …In the
best possible taste. They may be flashing their genitals but they keep their socks and
beanie hats on.’
The Guardian, UK

Approx. Running Time: 60 mins
Suitable for ages: 18+

Performance Dates:
14th Feb to 15th Mar 9:30pm

Gluttony | The Peacock