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Under the Microscope
nthspace Adelaide


Written By: Josh Belperio
Directed By: Matthew Briggs

Josh Belperio has 4,591 notes on his iPhone,
3,923 voice memos,
and scores of original compositions,
comprised of over 100,000 musical notes.

He also has 39 VHS home movies
that his Nonna left behind.

With an upright piano,
a virtual string quartet
and choir of 16,
watch Josh weave a story of finding love,
of finding who we can love,
and how we can carry with us those who are no longer here.

Approx. Running Time: 90 mins
Suitable for ages: 15+

Performance Dates:
Tuesday the 19th of February until Saturday the 16th of March

nthspace Adelaide
31-33 North St, Adelaide


$30 Adults
$25 Concession
$20 Cheap Tuesday