STARC Productions
Bakehouse Theatre


Written By: David Ives
Directed By: Tony Knight

All In The Timing by Internationally renowned American writer David Ives, is a collection of fourteen stand-alone one-act plays that are as witty and captivating as they are charming. Each of these fourteen sketches is unique and hilarious in it’s own right, boasting characters that are as human as they are absurd and as funny as they are moving. Think Vaudeville meets Saturday Night Live! STARC Productions returns to the Bakehouse this July with five of the most popular of David Ives’ brilliant sketches from All In The Timing, namely Sure Thing, Variations On The Death Of Trotsky, Long Ago And Far Away, English Made Simple and The Universal Language. These wonderfully entertaining pieces leave no holds barred and break all the rules of the ‘traditional’ play! Expect to witness Groundhog Day style encounters, hilarious visions of the famous Marxist Trotsky, bizarre musings on the nature of reality, lessons on the complications of love and relationships as well as a brand-new language that will unite humankind. All in 75 minutes!

This comic ‘review-esque’ show presented by STARC encompasses everything from wacky comedy to existential philosophising on the meaning of life, from mind-tingling wordplay to heart-warming romance and is piece that can be enjoyed by all ages. Directed by Tony Knight and starring Marc Clement, Stefanie Rossi and Tony Knight as all of the characters, this is sure to be a great night at the theatre, so strap yourself in and go along for the ride!

Approx. Running Time: 90m mins
Suitable for ages: All ages

Performance Dates:
July 17th - July 27th
Wed - Saturday 8pm for 2 weeks = 8 shows

The Bakehouse Theatre