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-- Note this is an archived listing for performances in the year 2018 --
Written & Directed By: Shane Adamczak

After it’s making its debut at Fringe World 2016 and two years successfully touring Australia and Canada, the award-winning local show return to Adelaide! A Sci-Fi Buddy-Comedy about a man who lives in another man’s beard from the bizarre mind of Festival-favourite Shane Adamczak (Trampoline, Zack Adams, Canadian Just For Laughs Award Winner and producer of other ★★★★★ Fringe hits This Is Not A Love Song and Vicious Circles).

When a scientific accident causes a mild-mannered janitor to shrink and get stuck in another man’s beard, their unlikely friendship might be exactly what the two directionless men need to set them on the path toward being better men that proves that even the smallest people can do big things.

Featuring two of Australia’s most established Indy Theatre performers; Shane Adamczak (Stasis, Trampoline, Zack Adams and The Little Prince) and St John Cowcher (My Robot, The Red Balloon, Farm and The Adventures Of Alvin Sputnik), the show combines physical theatre, storytelling, musical comedy and indie-rock. The Ballad Of Frank Allen is a festival experience like no other and one of the most weird and original shows you’ll catch at this year’s Fringe World!

WINNER – JUST FOR LAUGHS AWARD (Best Comedy) – Montreal Fringe 2017

★★★★★“Brilliantly written... wildly funny performances... hilarious songs” - GLOBAL NEWS

★★★★★ “It’s what Australian comedy is supposed to be like. It’s touching, clever, hilarious, and wraps up perfectly.” –RIP IT UP

★★★★★ “One of the most original and entertaining buddy-comedies you’re ever likely to have the opportunity to see” – Kryztoff Raw

Approx. Running Time: 55 min
Suitable for ages: 14+

Performance Dates:
-- Note this is an archived listing for performances in the year 2018 --
March 3 - 10, 7:15pm

Producer Bar

-- Note this is an archived listing for performances in the year 2018 --

$15 - $23