Drama Lama


Written & Directed By: Alex Ward

One of Australia’s newest and fastest rising comedy acts, Alex Ward, returns to the Adelaide Fringe Festival with a brand new show, No Flirting! at the Rhino Room 19-23 February.
Following from the success of her sold out season at AFF 2018, Alex brings a new show she describes as a “funny and silly, yet honest exploration of the insecurities we can’t escape when in a relationship”.

“Have you ever had a partner ask you any of these questions: “Why were you looking through my messages? Why don’t you trust me? Why did you make the background of my phone a picture of a dog wearing a bib?” Then the show is definitely for you! If you haven’t, then whatever, good for you, still come to the show!” Alex says.

“Sometimes we’ve outgrown certain traits, we think, and it only takes one unexpected moment to bring up 100 memories and be reminded maybe we are still a version of ourselves we thought we’d left behind...and that’s probably fine depending how we act”.

Alex has been performing stand up for 5 years and in that short time has achieved a credit worthy amount. In 2018 alone Alex appeared on ABC Uplate Comedy, Tonightly with Tom Ballard, Triple J’s Good Az Friday and The Project (as her character Pam). Alex is also a comedy writer for Network Ten’s ‘The Project’. Keep an eye out on Alex’s socials for her ‘No Flirting!’ sketches leading up to the festival.
What The Critics Are Saying About Alex Ward

“Sophisticated comedy; Ward is a scholar of the craft” The Music
“Irreverent without being too dry and extremely engaging. Totally brilliant” Pedestrian.TV
“You’d think you could predict where she was taking a joke then she’d flip the trajectory on you” Weekend Notes

Approx. Running Time: 50min
Suitable for ages: 18+

Performance Dates:
19 – 23 Feb @ 8.30pm

Drama Lama @ Rhino Room, 131 Pirie St, Adelaide

MORE INFO: 8100 2000

COST: $20-$25