The Breakout at The Mill


Written By: Tom Weil

A mind-bending and jaw-dropping journey through the human psyche. The demonstrations within 'Confessions' will look like genuine psychic ability. But they are not. And Tom is honest about that. The show will provide a glimpse into how it works and why so many people want to believe it's real.

We often don't question much of the world around us, such as why we make the decisions we do on a daily basis. Are we really the ones making those decisions? How easy are we to influence, without even knowing it? How predictable is human behaviour?

The show is a fast-paced, fun and interactive exploration into this and more, and it will leave you questioning what is real and what's just in your head.

Join Tom with an open mind, and it will be read.

Approx. Running Time: 1hr

Performance Dates:
9th-14th March at 9pm
16th-21st March at 7:30pm

Breakout at The Mill, Angas Street