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-- Note this is an archived listing for performances in the year 2014 --
Written By: Ian McGrath
Directed By: Tony Moore

In this centenary year of the commencement of World War I, Holden Street Theatres and Moore Books SA are producing Ettie’s Boys by Ian McGrath as a salute to all those women and men whose lives were either lost or changed for all time by the events of the War.

Ettie Rout was born in Tasmania and grew up in New Zealand. During the First World War she organised a Volunteer Nursing Service and in the process it became obvious that one of the biggest problems affecting the troops was sexually transmitted diseases. Huge percentages of Australian and New Zealand forces were rendered unfit for service by these diseases.

Ettie saw that chastity was not the answer and that preaching to the soldiers was going to achieve nothing. Flying in the face of official “muddledom” as she called it she began to agitate for the provision of prophylactic kits to the soldiers and with the help of Fred Hornibrook her associate (himself an innovator in the field of health massage and physiotherapy), who taught the men the correct use of the kits she began to achieve real results. She was labelled a “wicked woman” in part because of the arrangements she made with the Madams of Paris brothels to send her “boys” to the houses that guaranteed clean women.

This play examines Ettie’s journey through the war, her battles with officials and her successes and failures but it also looks at the relationship she had with her beloved soldiers, the “boy’s” of the title and in particular, one young man who touched her deeply.

Approx. Running Time: 2 hours plus
Suitable for ages: 15 +

Performance Dates:
-- Note this is an archived listing for performances in the year 2014 --
11 - 12, 17-19, 23 - 26 July 7.30pm
20th and 27th July at 2.00pm

The Arch, Holden Street Theatres, Hindmarsh

-- Note this is an archived listing for performances in the year 2014 --
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Full Price $25 Concession $20.00 Group and MEAA $18.00