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-- Note this is an archived listing for performances in the year 2017 --
Written By: Book, music and lyrics by Josh Sanders
Based on the classic stories of Dorothy Wall
Directed By: Di Mason

Blinky Bill is the quintessential larrikin. With enthusiastic pleasure, this cheekie and impudent little koala sets out with his good friend Nutsy, to explore the “real people’ and chase them away from his beloved gum tree world. Blinky meets John and Bob, ‘two of the new humans’ along with the very proper Miss Pimm who really doesn’t like the ‘dirty outback’ and is not at all partial to these weird furry little creatures that have come along to annoy her. Blinky, being all so brave but very headstrong is captured by the ‘new humans’.

Nutsy escapes and runs for help ~ returning to the scene with Blinky’s parents. Mrs. Koala is ‘the perfect mother’.
Although she can be stern and dish out the necessary punishment for the somewhat naughty Blinky, she is also very loving and kind and would do anything for her little son. Mr. Koala is a man of few words and although he does not show his affection he cares greatly for his family.

Sadly, during the rescue attempt, Blinky’s father is killed and Blinky blames himself for the death of his father. Blinky’s subsequent unhappiness causes him to run away…meeting many amazing creatures along the way, including the Wise Wombat Elders who tell Blinky a Dreaming Story that fills his soul with a greater understanding of who he is….and where he belongs …….and what he needs to do to become the clever and caring son that his mother believes him to be. Blinky learns the life lesson of ‘needing to work as a team’, valuing those around him rather than always trying to solve things by himself.

Although he appears to be a very naughty little koala, with his quirky ways, unbounding energy and obvious disrespect for authority, this unique little koala endears himself to everyone, children and parents alike.

Approx. Running Time: 2 hours
Suitable for ages: All ages

Performance Dates:
-- Note this is an archived listing for performances in the year 2017 --
Friday, 23 June at 7pm
Saturday, 24 June at 6pm
Sunday 25 June at 2pm
Friday 30 June at 7pm,
Saturday, 1 July at 6pm
Sunday, 2 July at 2pm

Stirling Community Theatre
7 Avenue Road, Stirling

-- Note this is an archived listing for performances in the year 2017 --
Tickets will be available at from 1 May 2017.

Adults $18, child/concession $15, family $60 (2 adults, 2 children)