The A Club


An Improvised Performance

Dungeons and Dragons is experiencing a renaissance. There are more players rolling dice,
battling goblins, and saving helpless villagers today than ever, even during its golden era of the
late 1970’s.

It’s growth feels counterintuitive, with ever increasing entertainment options in the
home you’d expect people to opt for Netflix over Necromancy. But the numbers don’t lie, with
keen adventurers and celebrity fans such as The Rock and Dame Judi Dench flocking to the
game, is Dungeons and Dragons on the verge of becoming...cool?
“People want a real connection,” says level 9 Barbarian and Dice Paper Role member Emil
Freund, “you’re on a train and everybody’s on their phone, at home it’s TV or an iPad.

and Dragons is the perfect antidote for that, it’s properly old school: you, your friends, and your
imagination...what could be better?”.

Dice Paper Role has been quite the phenomenon over the past year. Since launching season 1 of
their improvised comedy podcast has fast established fans all over the world who love the show
for it’s high production quality, accompanying artwork, original score, and most of all it’s humour.
“Performing live shows at the Melbourne Comedy Fest last year was a huge highlight” says DPR’s
Ben Clements. “We knew we could make a tight show in the studio, but would that translate live?
When we were in front of that audience riffing about a Tinder date with a cyclops and everyone
was losing it laughing, I knew the answer was yes”.

In Adelaide this year Dice Paper Role are taking a slightly different tack, tackling classic myths,
legends, and fairytales in their late night improvised show ‘A Bedtime Story’. “We’ll be adapting
some out and out classics, Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, 50 Shades of Grey, only
the best bedtime stories will make the cut” Freund said, “It’s going to be a loose late night of
frivolity, we cant wait to share the DPR experience with South Australia”.

“a triumph” -theatrepeople

Approx. Running Time: 60mins
Suitable for ages: 18+

Performance Dates:
March 8 - 16th nightly at 10.20pm, except the Sunday the 10th (6.20pm)

No show on the 11th of March

The Loft, A Club Waymouth Street


$20 Full
$15 Conc.