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Written & Directed By: Peta Morris

Sometimes you have to unpack your sh*t to find the magic and Peta Morris's one woman musical monologue does just that. Told through the lens of her two alter egos Wayne and Sharon, she uses storytelling and song to interweave a personal narrative about a life lived with anxiety and depression. Delivered with a delicate balance of humour, she addresses raw and confronting subject matter, enabling her to communicate and connect with the audience on issues many of us find too difficult to confront.

Her musical monologue format creates an experience, that make the darkest of times hit the highest of notes. 'Baggage Limit' is as much about coming to terms with what is, but learning how to make peace with the past and having a better relationship with the voices in your head.

Approx. Running Time: 60 mins
Suitable for ages: 16 and over

Performance Dates:
March 9th-14th 9pm

The Bakehouse Theatre, Main Theatre.
255 Angas street, Adelaide.

Book via The Adelaide Fringe website