Adelaide Botanic Gardens


Written By: Gene Phoa

What if you moved abroad to find 'The One' only to find out you are one of many?

In search of freedom (and females), Gene embarks on a student exchange in the happiest country on Earth, Denmark. But upon arriving at his new home, he falls for another student “Winter” and finds himself locked in a love lesson of a lifetime.

An icy tale of romance, revenge and redemption told through intimate stories, heartfelt songs and an array of guitar fx pedals, '500 Nights of Winter' is an ode to young love naivety and reminds us that it’s the bitter that makes the sweet!

Inspired by the feature-length film, '500 Days of Summer’, come on a trip through the complexities of love and discover how to avoid being left out in the cold.

Thanks to Black Box Live, performances on 10 & 11 March 2021 will be livestreamed for watch-from-home audiences.

Written, produced and presented by Gene Phoa
Guest appearance by Courteney Hooper

Approx. Running Time: 60 min
Suitable for ages: M 15+ (mild coarse language and sexual references)

Performance Dates:
810pm, 9-11 March

Open Air Theatre, International Rose Garden, Adelaide Botanic Garden


FP ($26) C ($23) PR ($22) Watch-From-Home FP ($15) / Household ($35)