Read Review1918 THE UNTOLD STORY
Hills Youth Theatre
Stirling Community Theatre


Written & Directed By: Karen Sierp

While historically driven, the play seeks not to re-tell the landing or the ensuing futile battle in Gallipoli, but rather concentrates on those left behind. Set in the Adelaide Hills, 1918 explores the lives of the locals; the Football team who sign up together, the local girls who support the war efforts of the Cheer-Up Hut, the racial tensions that erupt with the German settlers and the heartbreak of families torn apart.
It is particularly poignant, as our actors performing are of the same age as their ancestors – those who valiantly fought to create the safe and harmonious Australia we know today.

While the Allies announced their victory and the history books were written, rarely is it discussed the devastation that was left for those who fought and those who were left behind.

Approx. Running Time: 2h

Performance Dates:
Fri Aug 10th 2018 7pm
Sat Aug 11th 7pm
Sun Aug 12th 4pm
Fri Aug 17th 7pm
Sat Aug 18th 7pm
Sun Aug 19th 4pm

Stirling Community Theatre
Avenue Road, Stirling


adults $18     
child/concession $15   
family $60