Printable CopyZOOM
Patch Theatre Company
Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre
Until 06 Sep 2019

Review by Andy Ahrens

Patch Theatre Company’s production of Zoom follows a girl’s journey to understand and explore her world through the element of light. It never disappoints.

Using light in theatre is not new, but what Zoom does so well is bring light into the story as if it were a character itself. It works beautifully and the “oohs” and “aahs” of the young audience was plenty of evidence that they loved the idea.

The lighting creators provide an outstanding selection of lighting effects, sometimes feeling like a Pink Floyd concert, but it is the human interaction with light that makes this play so moving. The girl, delightfully played by Temeka Lawlor, effortlessly captures our imagination as she plays and explores the light around her.

The innovative idea to provide each audience member with their own interactive light was genius and provided a way for some playful audience interaction.

Behind the scenes, cleverly hidden in darkness, was Angus Leighton coordinating many of the technical elements of the show. It was only when the show ended, and we saw him taking in some breaths, that we knew how much work was happening out of our sight.

The creative team of this production have successfully given light a life of its own in this performance. They gave light intelligence, the ability to communicate, the need to play ball, and the power to keep us safe from the darkness.

Zoom is the best children’s performance I have seen in many years, and the most fun. Whilst specifically aimed at children ages 4-8, it is hard to imagine that anyone wouldn’t be captivated by this endearing production. This show deserves a national tour and is guaranteed to light up your day!