Patch Theatre Company
Odeon Theatre
Until 26 Aug 2017

Review by Nikki Gaertner

Patch Theatre’s “Yo Diddle Diddle” is a sheer delight for little ones, retelling the story of the famous cow who jumped over the Moon in that well-known rhyme, whilst bringing to life Tim Wilson’s well-loved tale “The Cow Tripped Over the Moon”.

Wilson’s message is an important one to remember – “It seems a Moon clearance / Takes great perseverance” – and that anything is possible if you work hard at it! The story takes us through the many attempts Cow made in order to finally clear the Moon that night, from falling flat on her face to colliding with sand dunes, visiting space and everything in between.

We are introduced to three lovable characters: the singing, rapping Cat with a fiddle (Jo Stone) who takes a while to play in tune; a song-spinning DJ Dog called Houston (DJ Tr!p); and the wide-eyed dreamer, Cow (Ashton Malcolm). The story demonstrates the true meaning of friendship and the importance of supporting and encouraging one another – “The whole group together said, ‘Cow, now or never! We know that you’ll make it this time.” Finally, we all watch and applaud in joy as the three friends join together to make Cow’s dream come true, and, after a whole night of trying, she finally succeeds – just as the day is dawning.

The small cast have a delightful chemistry, with both each other and the audience, quickly drawing the kids into the story with their humorous and interesting antics.

Some very catchy beats, composed by DJ Tr!p, and performed in his light-up booth, add to the fun, and keep your toes tapping (and the little ones grooving along too). And the atmosphere is rounded out by a beautiful and tranquil set and lighting design, by Ailsa Paterson and Nic Mollison.

This is Artistic Director Naomi Edwards’ first work for Patch Theatre, and if it is anything to go by, they have many successes ahead of them with her at the helm. This is a show sure to be loved by children and adults alike!