Tuxedo Cat
Until 25 Feb 2017

Review by Janice Bailey

The Adelaide Fringe is all about expecting the unexpected. Angela Yeoh is unexpected – and quite delightful! Angela was once a serious journalist. Then she decided to become a clown! After two years studying with Philippe Gaulier she is now ready to bring her talents to the people, fulfilling her belief that storytelling is for the benefit of mankind and helps us understand who we are and perhaps be kinder to ourselves and others.

Works in Progress is on at Tuxedo Cat – Room 1, which is a small venue. Angela probably wasn’t expecting a big crowd but those who came thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I for one came away feeling uplifted. The show starts with Angela coming into the audience with a tape measure – taking measurements of a variety of ‘things’. The show is a series of what seem to be disconnected events – there is a Minnie Mouse character with polka dots and we are invited into her tea party with tiny everything. An audience member is invited onto the stage to participate. There seems to be no purpose – except to entertain.

Angela Yeoh is tiny but she is a powerhouse of charm and sensitivity. She is mesmerizing and amazingly clever – she becomes the role she is playing. Her aim is to get the audience to see themselves in a different light – she is a bit of nonsense in a world of chaos and a breath of fresh air. Angela’s aim as a storyteller is to create something to take us out of the world of ‘boring’. She certainly achieves that and she is an absolute delight.

Angela has two more shows in the Fringe – Clown from Feb 20 and Bouffon from March 5. Highly recommended to lift your spirits.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)