Umbrella Revolution
Until 07 Mar 2008

Review by Stephen Davenport

Oh what a circus! Oh what a show! “Xtreme Popera” is entertaining youth circus adventure with heart and imagination to spare. It’s swashbuckling, colourful, delightful and genuinely magical. Children wonder over circus acts. Adults can only watch these young artists in wonderment.

Brisbane’s Flipside youth circus has created an imaginative work of both modest charm and charming modesty, grounded in a classical circus and gymnastics. There’s enough dazzling, inspirational tumbling, juggling, human pyramids and trapeze to keep adults engaged, while children stare in amazement.

Opera, rock, pop and disco music add to the emotional journey as Flipside’s ensemble act out various scenes such as dancing with beachside hula hoops, unicycle romance and boxing with juggling balls to the theme from “Rocky.” But it’s the amazing aerials that thrill and capture the imagination.

Flipside’s talented kids produce stunning physical feats and provide fantastic family entertainment. The instructors, trainers and performers who make this show care enough about it to give their all. The result is that “Xtreme Popera” is one wonderful moment after another.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)