Printable CopyXANADU JNR
Adelaide Theatre Academy
The Parks Theatre
Until 16 Sep 2018

Review by Janice Bailey

Adelaide Theatre Academy’s Production of “Xanadu Jnr” at the Parks Theatre is a bright and lively show offering opportunities for these young performers to have fun and to further their performance skills. Starring Olivia Newton-John, “Xanadu” premiered as a film in 1980 to very mixed reviews. If you disregard the somewhat flimsy ‘plot’, the music with songs like “Magic”, “Suddenly”, “Have You Never Been Mellow” and the title song, “Xanadu”, carry the show. It is in the musical numbers that these young performers excel.

The story follows Sonny who is looking for inspiration to re-invigorate his business interests. Oliver John does a great job as the businessman who discovers love and is led to his greatest idea – the Roller Disco Xanadu – by Olympian muse Kira. Talented Sienna Bertram is perfectly cast in this role – she sings well, glides around the stage with effortless ease and completely charms the audience. Jeremy Thomas is cheekily delightful as Danny with excellent performances from Maddie Nunn, Pru Cassar, Imogen Brown, Emily Fischer, Dyana Bouwmeester-Jones and Ben Gray. The muses – Laura Lines, Holly Letcher, Samantha Keough and Isabella Walters – also capture the audience.

The production team of Mitchell Smith, Mim Sarre, Zak Vasiliou, Jemma Allen, with the assistance of Production Coordinator Matt Houston, are to be congratulated on the work they have done to bring this show to life. The costuming by Emily Jaensch is outstanding with the set design by Rob Combridge adaptable and suitable for this show.

Groups like Adelaide Theatre Academy are to be commended for providing opportunities for young people to experience the joy of music and performance in a professional setting such as the Parks Theatre.