Lost In Translation
LIVE on 5, Adelaide Oval
Until 11 Mar 2017

Review by Jamie Wright

Alcoholic ex-con Jackie loves his girlfriend Veronica; they’ve been together since the eighth grade. Things are going well for him; he’s in a program, he’s got a great sponsor and now he’s got a job with a future. But when he comes home early and finds a hat on the table – a hat that isn’t his – he starts to wonder if there’s something going on.

Co-directed by Matt Houston and Nick Fagan from Stephen Adly Guirgis’s script, it’s a high energy black comedy, chock full of great dialogue and darkly comic moments. But there are quieter, more contemplative sections, and these are treated with as much care as the laugh-out-loud scenes; the balance is spot-on. It’s telling that the show runs over an hour and a half but doesn’t feel anywhere close to that. However, there were few times when the combination of blocking and ambient noise meant that the dialogue was inaudible.

Performances are excellent across the board – co-director Fagan also appears as Jackie and gives him depth and humanity to go with a hair-trigger temper; Rosie Williams is great as the high-energy, trash-talking Veronica who tries but can’t hide her real feelings. Patrick Gibson brings a great mix of even-temperedness and smug self-satisfaction as Ralph while Lana Adamuszek makes the most of her brief appearances as Victoria. But it’s David Salter as Cousin Julio who most people will walk away remembering; his portrayal of the quirky Puerto Rican is side-splittingly hilarious and he steals every scene he’s in.

An excellent production that, sadly, has too few performances for a show this good. That said, Lost in Translation brought back last year’s hit “A Steady Rain” for a return season; perhaps they’ll do the same with this motherf***er.

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)