Adina Grand Treasury Adelaide
Until 25 Mar 2018

Review by Brian Godfrey

For a number of years now the Adina Treasury complex has been an unusual and successful Fringe venue – well, the tunnels and pool have. This year the complex has offered up its elegant and luxurious restaurant, Treasury 1860, as a Fringe venue – the Bar at least.

Not only is it perhaps the most comfortable, pleasant Fringe venue, but it’s the perfect setting for the experience “How To Drink Wine Like A Wanker”.

This may sound like a comedy show, but is in fact a well thought out and informative (with a touch of humour) journey into not only some of Adelaide’s wonderful wineries (without leaving the comfort of the Bar), but also the life and personality of host/performer Anna Thomas.

Thomas avoided being a ‘wine wanker’ (connoisseur) most of her life. But after leaving her high-powered, six-figure executive position, she needed another job and became a tour driver for winery tours – without any bus driving experience or, more importantly, any wine knowledge.

Her experiences in that field have not only given her a full knowledge of wine, but she has found that if she gravitates to a certain grape, it tends to be because she likens its attributes to episodes in her life and mirrors her character. Very clever thinking, and one that makes sense when thought about.

Using six wines (three white, three red), Thomas talks her audience through to becoming an intelligent (or not, after six wines) ‘wine wanker’.

This is a very pleasant way to spend a weekend afternoon, and learn something into the bargain. The only slight criticism, is that occasionally Thomas’ volume drops and she could utilize the long room a little more.

A nice touch (and highly recommended by this reviewer) is that for an extra $10 you get to sample the wines being talked about.

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)