Belgian Beer Café
Until 21 Mar 2021

Review by Lance Jones

Sometimes you need a good laugh. Yes, it’s that simple. If you’re in that headspace, and you are looking for an “appetiser” to set you up for an evening’s Fringing, then Dan Willis is your man and “Australia: A Whinging Pom’s Guide” is your go-to show.

The upstairs room at The Belgian Beer Café is a great little venue than allows Dan to eyeball the audience, who by the way, seemed to be about 75% “Poms” intent on hearing from one of their own. That’s OK because the Aussies get a look-in as well with the joke often being well and truly on us. His ability to remember the place of origin of the “Poms” in the audience along with funny details about their hometowns is astounding.

The title of the show is a bit of a misnomer. Dan isn’t “whinging” at all. There was no complaining. In fact, Dan talks up Australia and is an excellent advocate. SA Tourism Commission needs to put this bloke on a retainer!

Dan comfortably goes through all the usual suspects such as dangerous animals, casual racism, reasons for being here, not going “back” (why would you, he asks?), bogans and swearing. A particularly amusing facet of the show is Dan picking on “Australian Place Names”. Yes, all this, from a country that brought us place names such as “Wetwang”, “Butt Hole Road” and “Twatt”. We all love a bit of irony, I guess . . .

Dan travels the world with this show, and we are fortunate to have him here at The Adelaide Fringe. He is obviously a world class act. However, please do not expect cerebral entertainment, just expect to laugh. This is not highbrow. It is funny, rude and crass, and that’s ok.

Make sure you see it, you’ll “cack yourself laughing”…

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)