Garden of Unearthly Delights
Until 13 Mar 2010

Review by Richard Flynn

“When the Sex is Gone” is styled “a theatrical portrait of eroticism”. What is fails to add is that it is oneof the most confronting, absorbing, original, very funny, very wicked, very clever, very dark, sexualseventy minutes you are ever likely to spend anywhere! Here read “The Spare Room, Garden ofUnearthly Delights”.

Tommy Bradson has written this and his performance as a hermaphroditic Drag Queen never misses abeat or an opportunity. This boy is always in control and the audience laughs, hoots, gasps andapplauds throughout the performance, including this reviewer who confesses he’s not a fan ofubiquitous drag.

Bradson is supported by an equally talented Jacqueline Morton, who has composed the wild butappropriate music score and who accompanies him on a synthesizer, sings in her own right – what avocal range! - and provides a harmony line for some songs; gentle songs, vicious songs, belted outsongs – all with clever lyrics. Never are you in any doubt that you are watching real talent strutting itsstuff – and “Up you, Jack!” if you think otherwise!

When Bradson, with the help of a young (straight) male from the audience, removes his red and blackglitter dress to appear in his drag, corset-based, underwear beneath a fetching kimono, then later inmale clothes – jocks, trousers, braces and singlet – to don boxing gloves, we see a handsome youngman with all the vulnerability but none of the shyness that you might associate with thesetransformations.

In the world of Greek mythology, and even in some cultures today, the human hermaphrodite isconsidered a god, to be cherished, even worshiped. While that may be going too far in describingTommy Bradson, his is a show that you will remember for some time to come – and maybe wonder whyhe had you so firmly by the …. er….throat so willingly for so long.

If you are easily shocked (and don’t want condoms thrown to you like feeding time at Sea World), bettergive this show a miss, but if you want something down and dirty, and thoroughly entertaining, Bradson’syour boy – and girl.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)