Adelaide Botanic Gardens - Noel Lothian Hall
Until 13 Mar 2017

Review by Linda Edwards

In “We are Anonymous” an International group of avatars meet online and are joined by Clover, a “newbie” from Ireland. She is extremely skilled at hacking into computer systems and changing code and, like the others, is idealistic, sick of the injustices that surround her, and wants to change the world for the better. The action on stage is interspersed with footage of real media reports on the 2016 Australian census debacle, and the now classic (and hilarious) interview on metadata with Attorney-General George Brandis.

The story is inspired by the group Anonymous, but it appears the cast and crew, who devised and workshopped the show, couldn’t quite make up their minds about the group as its members are portrayed as strong, courageous and powerful in some scenes and as wimpy and frightened in others. Many scenes work really well, but at other times it is hard to follow what is going on.

The show is performed by young acting students from Actors Ink and directed by Joanne Hartstone, and it is obvious they have all worked extremely hard on the production. Their stagecraft is generally good, and most of the accents are believable. They need more mime/sense memory training, however; in the scenes where they are pounding away at their computers many look as though they have never actually used a keyboard or touch screen before as their hand movements are totally unrealistic. The show is thought-provoking and interesting, and the performers work extremely well as a team.

Rating: 3.5 stars (out of 5)