Noarlunga Theatre Company
Port Noarlunga Arts Centre
Until 28 Jul 2019

Review by Janice Bailey

It would be difficult to find too many people who have not seen or heard of the very popular and successful British TV series, “The Vicar of Dibley”, which aired for 13 years, starring Dawn French as the indomitable Vicar.

Noarlunga Theatre Company’s current production “The Vicar of Dibley Christmas – The Second Coming” is the second adaptation of the show and director Linda Lawson has retained many of the same cast from last year’s production – with perfect timing for a Christmas in July ‘celebration’.

Deidre Quinn as Geraldine Granger, apart from bearing a quite striking physical resemblance to Dawn French, has captured the essence of the much loved Vicar and portrays her with warmth and humour. John Martin as Owen Newitt is suitably unsociable, using every comic line to advantage. Tim Cousins as Jim Trott, ‘the dirty old man’, is very funny, especially as one of the three kings in the nativity play.

While every character has their ‘moment’ and all do very well, the stand-out has to be Helen Lane, who is hilarious as Alice, maintaining the dim-witted persona of Alice throughout.

Set design, construction, costumes, lighting and sound and backstage crew are integral to the success of any show and the hard-working individuals associated with a small community theatre group ensure the show can go on – and their dedication is very evident at Noarlunga.

Noarlunga Theatre Company is providing a perfect opportunity for a great fun night out so why not take the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in July with great entertainment and hospitality.