Noarlunga Theatre Company
Port Noarlunga Arts Centre
Until 09 Jun 2018

Review by Doug Phillips

Noarlunga Theatre Company have done a fine job of keeping their production faithful to the original TV series. In choosing not to take too much creative license with the characters, the audience was given what they came for in the form of familiar characters well portrayed.

Deidre Quinn, as The Vicar, knows her material well and delivers an amusing and crisp performance.

Owen, portrayed by John Martin, stole much of the show. In fairness, the script does give him many of the best lines. But Tim Cousins’ and Helen Lane’s performances as Jim and Alice respectively were also great fun to watch.

The poor seating detracted from the show, though. This wasn’t NTC’s fault, however, as they had seating planned that would allow everyone to see the action on stage but were denied by the venue from using it due to upcoming floor repairs.

This is a show targeted at an older crowd, and tonight’s crowd was certainly that, and they loved it. It’s a good fun night, and the cabaret style seating makes it ideal for group bookings who can bring platters and drinks to share.

And if there was an ATG award for best on screen pash, rest assured they’d be nominated, and pretty much a shoe-in.