Until 19 Mar 2017

Review by Luke Wagner

Vaudeville gave the world some great performers whose sole mission was to entertain audiences. Whether this was with comedy, song or dance, these performers made it their mission to connect with the audience.

The tradition lives on with great strength with “The Vaudevillians”. Lola, Harry, Lloyd and Andy are four talented performers. This show is not so much a story, but a showcase of the style with brilliant wit, style and music.

The three male performers have comic timing that gels together as seamlessly as The Three Stooges, whilst retaining a great deal of individuality. Lola is the stunning pin up girl with the dynamo voice. She melts the entire audience with a smooth rendition of “Makin’ Whoopee”. Lloyd and Harry are hilarious and bounce off each other brilliantly. Both men show off an immense amount of skill as tap dancers when they go head to head in a dance off. Andrew shines and steals the show with his musical theatre number. He also serves as the pianist for the entire show, and never misses a beat.

This show is electric from start to finish. The cast are clearly having an absolute ball. This show pays homage to a style of theatre that has begun to fade into the distance, but if performers like this continue to pull off such a brilliant show, then hopefully Vaudeville will be back in full swing.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)