Printable CopyUP, UP & AWAY!
Until 18 Mar 2018

Review by Kylie Pedler

In this high energy show, the Up, Up and Away Crew welcome you aboard and ‘Jetset’ you across the world. With the expected announcements made, seatbelts fastened and brace position practised, the tour begins. Paris, London, Vegas and New York are all highlighted in an hour’s work. High kicks, sequins, feathers, flags and bubbles are all in abundance. A huge feat as the stage is not much bigger than the space in economy.

The show has great potential. The cast are all talented dancers; showcasing various styles, precise in movement and well-rehearsed. There is a good balance of dance, singing, tongue-in-cheek humour and audience participation. There are some great voices among the cast but the harmonies need lots of work in both the ballads and upbeat numbers.

The show is fast-paced and the cast are efficient at incredibly quick costume changes. But entrances, exits and transitions in general require further refinement as at times the show feels a little disjointed. In particular, as the show comes to an end, the final landing feels clunky. The inflight credits leave the show feeling flat, and the final appearance of the crew disconnected. Address these things and “Up, Up and Away” could be a festival showstopper.

Don’t forget your camera. These girls love having their photo taken!

Stars: 3.5 (out of 5)