National Wine Centre
Until 16 Mar 2018

Review by Anthony Vawser

The title of this show is the kind of self-deprecation that inspires genuine curiosity. A couple of comic performers operating on the knife’s edge without a net; that’s got to be worth at least taking a look at, right?

Perhaps it will be, depending on your personal tastes and the night you attend, but this reviewer was severely disappointed with what eventuated: an indecisive, uninspired, lethargic exercise seemingly designed only for the benefit of the performers themselves, with audience consideration merely a distant concern.

One is inclined at first to be optimistic about the chances for Lizzy Mace and Andreas Sodermark delivering a successful show; early on, there are touches in their improvisation that seem smart and intriguingly oblique without the need for elitist intellectualism or obscurity.

A therapist consultation promises to kick things up a gear; however, the silences quickly grow long and uncomfortable, while we wait for a spark of life to lead us somewhere worthwhile, substantive, evocative…Half-way through the fifty-minute run-time, and it feels like we’ve sunk into a very empty place.

The energy level does rise again somewhat after about half-an-hour, even inspiring a series of positive chuckles from the audience, and at moments, the way that Mace and Sodermark incorporate earlier references into their current scenario is clever and somewhat satisfying – but when these are the comparative high points, it’s clear that a show is in trouble.

There was nothing of visual interest to provide dimension or texture and compensate for the general emptiness elsewhere. Giving themselves chairs to work with might have looked like a sound idea on paper, but seemed to result in sketches that were either spent in a dull sitting position, or made up of long conversations about the chairs themselves, or both.

Admittedly, it feels almost unfair to review an improvised act that promises to be completely different every time. One sincerely hopes that future audiences get more interesting results than were evident on the evening witnessed.

Rating: 1.5 stars (out of 5).